About QVNA

QVNA was founded on November 3, 1969 to “serve the residents of Queen Village and strengthen the community by: providing a forum for public discussion of issues of concern and interest, supporting improvements to our neighborhood, our schools and our city, facilitating understanding and use of public services and acting as a channel of communication with city officials and elected representatives.

Our Mission

QVNA provides community stewardship, advocacy and service to help improve the quality of life of Queen Village residents.

To fulfill our mission, QVNA provides a broad range of community services and programs.

Geographic Boundaries

Queen Village is bounded by the south side of Lombard St to the north side of Washington Avenue and the east side of 6th St to the Delaware River piers.  Much of our business district (known as the South Street Headhouse District) lay within Queen Village’s boundaries. To view a map, click here.


All nonprofits have bylaws: they are the legal rules that outline the organization’s purpose, governance requirements, structure, operations and elections. Bylaws are used to guide the composition, actions and decisions of the Board of Directors. To read QVNA’s bylaws, click here.

A Recognized Community Organization

QVNA meets the City of Philadelphia’s qualifications for being a Recognized Community Organization with obligations for upholding RCO program requirements defined by the Philadelphia Zoning Code.  For more information about how QVNA serves in this capacity, please refer to the Zoning section of this website.

Our Nonprofit Status

QVNA is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. In addition, the State of Pennsylvania has certified QVNA as a charitable organization. As such, memberships and donations made to QVNA are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Funding for QVNA Programs and Services

QVNA’s funding sources include monthly parking space rentals; association memberships and donations; magazine advertising; and grants.

April 6, 2020