Zoning Variance Applicant Requirements

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How to get on QVNA’s meeting schedule

After QVNA is notified by the City of a building permit refusal, our Zoning Committee Chair will contact the Applicant listed on the refusal to discuss the Zoning Committee public meeting schedule.

Our Chair controls each meeting agenda. If the Zoning Committee’s next meeting agenda is full, the Applicant’s property will be added to the following month’s agenda.

If QVNA’s Zoning Committee is unable to schedule the review within the “45-day window” required by the City, the Applicant must seek a Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) hearing continuance.

What to do:

Inform the affected neighbors (click to see instructions) of your appeal and the date of your scheduled meeting with the Zoning Committee in writing sent by regular mail at least 20 days prior to your scheduled meeting. Proof of mailing is required [in the form of a cancelled certificate of mailing from the USPS (See Clause 312.1 on the USPS website for information)]. Hand delivery of notification no longer accepted by the ZBA. (See Courtesy Links for Applicants at the bottom of this page.)

If you are unable to inform the affected neighbors at least 20 days in advance of the QVNA Zoning Meeting, you should seek a ZBA hearing continuance.

PDFs that must be provided to QVNA (zoning@www.qvna.org)

  1. PLOT PLAN (with date) drawn at a standard engineering scale, showing relationship to adjoining properties. QVNA will keep one set (please send to zoning@www.qvna.org)
  2. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS (with date) – presentation-size (min 24 x 36″). The architectural drawings must be drawn at a standard architectural scale, showing existing and proposed. Please ensure that your drawings show: site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations and sections.  Drawings should show how the completed project relates to neighboring properties. Please show relationship to and heights of adjacent buildings).
  3. Photographs of the existing property and surrounding neighbor properties.
  4. Proof of review/approval from other City agencies as applicable, such as the Historical Commission or the Planning Commission (if the project was reviewed under design guidelines for Queen Village’s Neighborhood Conservation Overlay district).
  5. Proof of mailed notification to affected neighbors in the form of a cancelled certificate of mailing from the USPS. The ZBA does not accept hand delivery.
  6. The date of your ZBA hearing and calendar number.

Please be prepared to explain why you think:

  • compliance to the Code is a hardship imposed by the property;
  • the proposed variance will not have an adverse effect on neighbors; and
  • that it is in the community’s best interest to support your request for variance. 

Who should attend

  • Applicant (or the Property Owner if not the Applicant).
  • Applicant’s Attorney and/or Architect (if the variances involve construction).
Courtesy links for Applicants (from City of Philadelphia)