Zoning Code Process

Whether the construction project is adding a small roof deck to an existing home or is new construction of a commercial and/or residential development, the same detailed zoning process is used, as required by the City’s zoning code

It starts when a property owner applies to the Department of Licenses and Inspections to have project plans approved for a Zoning Permit and/or a Use Registration Permit, including any prerequisite City approvals.

If the project does not conform to the Zoning Code, a Notice of Refusal is issued. If that property is located in Queen Village and its owner applies for a zoning variance, QVNA is notified by the City.  If the Notice of Refusal is issued for a property zoned as commercial (rather than residential) and/or is within the South Street Headhouse District’s boundaries within Queen Village, SSHD will also be notified by the City.  In this instance, SSHD is likely to be assigned as the Coordinating RCO (meaning that SSHD will coordinate the meeting date/location/time with the applicant) and QVNA’s Zoning Committee will also review the project at the same meeting.

The Applicant is required to schedule a public zoning meeting with QVNA, the Registered Community Organization (RCO) for Queen Village, designated by the City Planning Commission, and responsible for ensuring that the City’s zoning code process is upheld.

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