Zoning Meetings

QVNA’s Zoning Committee convenes VIRTUAL public meetings at 7:30pm on the second Wednesday of each month (when a proposed building project has been referred to QVNA as part of the zoning code process.  All meetings are listed on QVNA’s events calendar.

Public meetings are convened to review the proposed plans of zoning variance Applicants and ensure that neighbors have the opportunity to provide input in accordance with Philadelphia’s Zoning Code. At each meeting, Applicants present their proposed project plans before the Zoning Committee, neighbors of the proposed project, and other interested parties. After the Applicant presents, all Committee questions are asked before the Chair opens the floor for neighbor questions.

Using Our Virtual Software to Attend a Meeting

QVNA uses Zoom’s webinar software to conduct our public meetings and just as we required for our pre-COVID in-person meetings, neighbors and other interested parties must register to attend. Registrants are automatically sent a one-click link that you will use to attend the meeting.  As an attendee, you are able to:

  • See and hear the presentation of the project by the property owner or the owner’s representatives(s).
  • See and hear the zoning committee’s questions/comments/concerns about the project and the responses  received.
  • State your questions/comments/concerns about the project after the committee has finished its review. There are two ways to do this:
    1. Use “chat” to type your questions/comments concerns which will be responded to in the order  received.
    2. “Raise your hand” to talk in the meeting.  Your have your microphone turned on by the host. 

All questions will be responded to during the meeting.  If the same question/comment/concern is raised by several neighbors, that feedback will be noted during the meeting.

After all questions have been answered, the meeting will end and the Zoning Committee will meet privately to determine whether the project should be changed and new plans presented in a second public zoning meeting, or whether enough information has been received on which to make a decision and recommendation to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Meeting Outcomes and Recommendations to ZBA

QVNA may submit to the City any one of four decisions: support, oppose, not oppose, or defer (i.e., another meeting is required). QVNA’s decision to support, oppose or not oppose is not always rendered at the meeting. A list of QVNA Zoning meetings, projects reviewed and meeting outcomes, click here.

QVNA Requirements for Variance Applicants:

Please click here to find out what you are required to do in advance of, and what you are required to bring to, a QVNA Zoning Committee meeting.

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