Please answer 4 questions. Your opinion counts!

Neighbor opinions are important to shaping the future of Weccacoe Playground.

This is why QVNA asks you to answer 4 questions from the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, to inform the city about the community’s input for potential changes and additions at Weccacoe Playground.

Click here to answer the 4 questions. The survey deadline is August 30. Feel free to forward this email your Queen Village neighbors to ensure we hear from as many residents as possible. Survey responses will be tabulated and shared at QVNA’s October 16th Community Meeting with Aparna Palantino, deputy commissioner for capital infrastructure and natural lands management with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, as well as Councilman Mark Squilla.

By participating in this survey, neighbors can weigh in on a new playground feature as part of the planning and design process with the Bethel Burying Ground Memorial Committee.  As you may know, QVNA and the Friends of Weccacoe Playground are part of this committee.

This rendering shows the location of the Burying Ground in relationship to the existing tennis court and play areas.

As you may know, the existing recreation building sits atop the historic burying ground and will be removed. A Memorial, still in the planning stages, will take its place. The tennis court will either be removed or moved (and a new playground feature will be installed).

For more information about the Bethel Burying Ground Memorial Project visit

Don’t miss your opportunity to share your opinion!


April 10th QVNA Mtg – Councilman Squilla discusses Mother Bethel Burying Ground Memorial at Weccacoe

Neighbors are invited to hear Councilman Mark Squilla discuss, and participate in Q&A, about the Mother Bethel Burying Ground plans for Weccacoe Playground.

  • Will it be part of or separated from the playground?
  • What is the timeline?
  • What are the plans for it’s maintenance?
  • What other parts of the playground will be directly affected and potentially change?

Don’t miss your opportunity to be heard!

The meeting will be at St. Philip Neri Church Hall, 218 Queen Street at 6:30pm