Safety Tips #2

Protect your home:

  • Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home. The Philadelphia Fire Department will install free
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home
  • Install motion-sensing lights outside of entrances. (Either electric or solar.)
  • Consider installing a home security alarm system.
  • Leave your spare keys with a trusted neighbor – never hide it on your property.
  • Always lock your external doors, windows, and door between garage and house, whether you’re home or not.
  • Drop outgoing mail at the post office or at USPS mailboxes.

When you’re away from home:

  • Leave lights on. Use timers to turn them randomly on and off.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to collect your mail, newspapers, and flyers.
  • Don’t leave notes on your door for service people or visitors.
  • Cancel all deliveries or have someone you trust pick them up.

Protect your kids:

Valuable safety tips from the National Crime Prevention Council

Protect yourself at home:

  • Never open your door automatically.
  • Install and use a peephole or a video doorbell/security camera.
  • Don’t allow anyone into your home who you don’t know.
  • Get to know your neighbors and their children so you can look out for one another.