QVNA Zoning Committee

QVNA is the Registered Community Organization for Queen Village, designated by the City Planning Commission, and responsible for ensuring that the City’s zoning code process is upheld.

QVNA’s Zoning Committee is a Standing Committee in accordance with our Bylaws. The Zoning Committee represents QVNA to the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustments in accordance with Board Policy.

The Committee is responsible for conducting public zoning meetings to review the Applicant’s proposed plans and ensure that neighbors have the opportunity to provide input in accordance with Philadelphia’s Zoning Code.

Committee members have experience and skills directly related to one or more aspects(s) of architecture, building design, construction, development, historic preservation, historic district conservation, urban planning, and/or zoning matters. In addition, each is a Queen Village resident who volunteers to serve on the committee and plays a vitally important role in this civic process.

QVNA’s zoning committee members include:

Peter Piven – Chair
Rich Carroll
Tania Nikolic
Sam Olshin
Emily Pershetz
Amy Rivera
Noah Swistak

Zoning Committee questions? Please email info@www.qvna.org.

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