Queen Village Zoning Map

Queen Village boundaries span the north side of Washington Ave to south side of Lombard St; and from the east side of 6th St to the river, including the docks.

Detailed descriptions of the following zoning codes can be found here.

Yellow:  RSA-5 – residential single-family attached. Intended to accommodate attached and semi-detached houses on individual lots. (See page 8)

Orange:  RM-1, 2 – residential multi-family. Intended to accommodate moderate- to high-density, multi-unit residential buildings (See page 12)

Pink: CMX-1, 2, 2.5 – neighborhood commercial mixed use. Intended to accommodate neighborhood-serving retail and service uses, including pedestrian friendly retail commercial corridors (See page 16)

Red:  CMX-3 – community commercial mixed use. Intended to accommodate community- and region-serving mixed use development, including retail and service uses.  (See page 18)

Green:  SP-PO-A – parks and open space. Intended to help preserve and protect lands set aside for park and open space use