Neighbor Complaint Form to Report Alcohol-Licensed Nuisance Businesses ONLY

This form is NOT a substitute for calling 911.  It is a public service of QVNA.

Use this Neighbor Complaint Form to report NUISANCE behavior by alcohol-licensed businesses ONLY. Each submitted report notifies law enforcement and government officials immediately and simultaneously. Read the background of this initiative here.

What is reportable NUISANCE behavior by an alcohol-licensed business?
  • Alcohol from the business being brought outside
  • Minors consuming alcohol
  • Drug use
  • Crowd control issues
  • Loud noise or music
  • Loud and boisterous crowds
  • Fights
  • Trash & debris

Substantiating eye-witness complaints with photos or video is helpful, but not required. 

Anonymous complaints are NOT accepted on this website. They are accepted by the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement at 1-800-932-0602 or here.

Click here to report a nuisance business to NightLife Task Force members:

  • State Police Liquor Control Enforcement Officer Brian Farrow
  • Capt. Joseph McBride, 3rd District Commander
  • Dept of License & Inspection Nuisance Property Unit Director Tracy Ruffin
  • South Street Headhouse District
  • State Senator Nikil Saval, 1st District
  • State Representative Mary Isaacson, 175th District
  • Councilman Mark Squilla, 1st District