Mirage License Renewal: Neighbor Input Meeting

Mirage Lounge at 119 South Street has applied to renew its Special Occupancy License.

A Special Occupancy License (SAOL) is required to allow more than 50 people *and* entertainment like dancing, live music and DJs.

A renewal of this license is required every two years and includes neighbor input.

QVNA is proud to be offering the first public input of this kind for a license renewal in Queen Village. Thus, the process is new. Neighbors are invited to share their experiences, positive or negative, per the code 9-703(2):

The suitability of the location, taking into consideration such factors as crime, traffic, litter, noise, parking and hours of operation. In making such suitability determination, the Department shall take into account community concerns, particularly those of neighbors in the immediate vicinity, as well as the views of the Police Department.

We look forward to seeing interested neighbors on Zoom.

We invite your participation on Wednesday, June 16th at 6:00 pm.  Please register for this special Zoom meeting HERE