Fiscal Sponsorship Program Policy

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This policy describes important rules for the Queen Village Neighbors Association (“QVNA”) Fiscal Sponsorship Program. It applies only to QVNA, a group (“Group”) that has signed a Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with QVNA (“Sponsorship Agreement”), and any Grant issued to a Group under its signed Sponsorship Agreement (“Fiscal Sponsorship Grant”).

It does not apply to QVNA’s Community Grant Program, or grants to QVNA from the City of Philadelphia or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This policy does not apply to situations when QVNA sponsors an event.

All points of clarification regarding this Policy and subject matter will be the sole right of QVNA; please contact QVNA at 215-339-0975 about any aspects of this Policy.

This Policy has the following sections:

I.    Applying for the Fiscal Sponsorship Program: The Action Plan
II.   Sponsorship Agreement
III.  Direct Fundraising; Grants from Third Parties
IV.   Reporting Requirements
V.    Administration
VI.  Transitioning of Remaining Money
VII. Signed Acknowledgement


The application for QVNA Fiscal Sponsorship is a Group’s one-year Action Plan which includes:

  1. The name of the Group, when it was formed, the members of its Steering Committee, and its purpose. (Examples:  raise funds for long-term pocket park maintenance and enhancement; raise funds for a bench installation.)
  2. A concise statement of how the purpose of the Group directly supports QVNA’s mission of providing community stewardship, advocacy, and service to improve quality of life for Queen Village residents.
  3. Describe the goal the Group intends to accomplish if fiscally sponsored. Please include:
    • Whether the Group’s goal can be completed within 12 months or is ongoing.
    • The estimated funding required to fund its goal and how the Group intends to raise it.
    • The Group’s three-member Steering Committee (names, addresses, email and mobile number), identifying who is QVNA’s point-of-contact.
    • A timetable of the Group’s milestones, such as tasks and proposed completion dates.


A Sponsorship Agreement has a one-year term.  If the work of a Group is multi-year, another Action Plan may be submitted, and a Sponsorship Agreement can be renewed.

  1. If a Steering Committee member leaves during the term of the Sponsorship Agreement, the Group must provide to QVNA the replacement member to sign the program’s documents.
  2. The Sponsorship Agreement shall be amended or modified only in writing signed by both parties.


  1. A Group may solicit donations, gifts, and contributions directly for QVNA (collectively “Donations”).  Donations will be deposited into a QVNA bank account (“Account”) and earmarked as restricted funds. (See Section V.1.)
    • All fundraising materials are subject to QVNA approval. (See Section V.1)
    • Groups may use web platform tools (e.g., website, social media, etc.), however, all online donations must be collected through a QVNA-controlled web platform hosted on
    • Fundraising through physical mailings, printed flyers, in-person solicitations, and similar means should be limited to Pennsylvania.
    • If there will be a recurring or sizable donation from a resident of another state, a Group should contact QVNA beforehand to discuss acceptance.
    • Donations will be promptly turned over to QVNA.
  1. QVNA’s fiscal sponsorship only covers monetary donations and grants. QVNA has no obligation to accept grants or in-kind donations.
  2. A Group may seek grants from third parties (“Third-Party Grants”). To request QVNA’s approval for a third-party grant, a Group must provide QVNA with the following at least thirty days before submitting the application:
    • A full copy of the completed application package for the third-party grant, and all supplemental materials required for the third-party grant.
    • A written summary of all conditions and all reporting and other requirements imposed by the Grant.
    • Any other information or documentation as QVNA requests.
  3. No Group may apply for grants from third parties as QVNA. For grants that require QVNA to expend sums and be reimbursed, or for grants that impose obligations on  QVNA.
  4. A Group may not apply for, or receive, grants from third-parties under the tax-exempt status other than QVNA.


Periodic updates are required from every Group. Specifically:

  1. A written progress report following the elements outlined in the Action Plan (deadline determined at Agreement signing). The report can be mailed, emailed or delivered in person.
  2. If a signer of the Sponsorship Agreement leaves the Group. (See Section II.1.)
  3. If the Group incorporates or applies to be recognized as tax-exempt organization.
  4. Any additional clarifying information requested by QVNA.
  5. If a Group fails to submit a report by the agreed deadline, the Group will be deemed “inactive.” (See Section V.2.)


QVNA will maintain books and financial records for the Group in accordance with its customary accounting practices. QVNA will provide acknowledgement of received amounts consistent with QVNA’s approved policies. QVNA is not responsible for tax filings that a Group or its individual members may be required to make.

  1. Group Deposits. Donations and grants earmarked for the purposes of the Group’s Action Plan will be deposited in a restricted account controlled by QVNA (“Account”).
    • QVNA will deduct any transaction fees charged by vendors including but not limited to PayPal and Stripe.
    • QVNA reserves the right to reject amounts from a source objectionable or incompatible with QVNA’s mission, that creates a conflict of interest (or the appearance of a conflict of interest), that directly or indirectly imposes burdensome or objectionable conditions, or results from a solicitation or grant that does not comply with a Sponsorship Agreement.
  2. Request for Funds. To receive a payment (“Fiscal Sponsorship Grant”) from the Account, a Group will submit a Fiscal Sponsorship Grant application using QVNA’s “Request for Funds” form.
    • Only those listed as Steering Committee Members may submit a “Request for Funds.”
    • QVNA will review each Request for Funds, striving to respond within seven (7) business days. Such response may take the form of an approval, a denial, or a request for more information. QVNA is entitled to approve a Request for Funds in part or deny a Request for Funds in part. QVNA will not approve a Request for Funds in excess of the available funds in the Group’s Account, at time of request.
    • If a Request for Funds (or portion thereof) is approved, QVNA will strive to issue payment (Fiscal Sponsorship Grant) within seven (7) business days. If a Group would like payment issued directly to a third-party contractor, the Request for Funds must include a written invoice, proof of insurance, proof of licensure (if applicable), a W-9, and other information as QVNA may request.
    • Requests for Funds will not be considered if a Group is deemed “inactive” due to outstanding a progress report. (See Section IV.)

3. Insurance

    • Should the Group’s Action Plan include a public event, that event may require a Certificate of Insurance either by QVNA, the City of Philadelphia, or South Street Headhouse District. The Group is financially responsible for purchasing this insurance and listing QVNA as additionally insured with respect to any and all liability insurance, umbrella coverage, and automobile coverage.
    • If the Group hires or obtains in-kind services from a contractor (e.g., electrical, building, mason, etc.) for a project in connection with the Plan, that individual or company must be licensed and insured. QVNA must receive a W-9 and Certificate of Insurance before the project begins.


Circumstances for the transition of remaining money in the Group’s restricted account are as follows:

  1. If a Group remains “inactive” (See Section IV) at the expiration of the Agreement.
  2. If an Agreement is not renewed by the Group.
  3. If an Agreement is terminated by QVNA.

If a Sponsorship Agreement is terminated or expires, the Group has ninety days to submit, for consideration, suggested uses for the remaining funds. However, the Group shall have no right to the disbursement of any funds. QVNA is entitled to utilize these suggestions or achieve any goals consistent with the Plan as may be determined in QVNA’s sole discretion including by transferring the money to QVNA’s general fund.


As the Steering Committee of [Name of Group], we acknowledge that we have read this Policy and that its contents are part of the Fiscal Sponsorship Program Agreement.

[Group Chair and Steering Committee Members printed names and signatures]