Tree Tenders

Trees not only add beauty to our neighborhood, their shade keeps us cool in the summer. They filter out carbon and toxins from our air, and they produce oxygen to help us breathe.

The Queen Village Tree Tenders are a dedicated team of neighborhood volunteers, many of whom have been trained through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s tree tenders program, who have been planting and taking care of trees in Queen Village since 2005. During that time, they have added more than 200 trees to our streets. In addition to planting trees, they care for tree pits, provide the trees with mulch and do basic pruning. There are organized activities several times a year–tree plantings and “mulch-a-thons”–but help is needed year round to help newly planted trees survive and older trees contnue to produce their beautiful blossoms in the spring and tree leaf cover in the summer.

Tree tenders are here to help and encourage neighbors to care for trees that are on their property. Anyone who would like basic instruction in tree care can consult the Tree Tending Guide.