Friends of Front Street Green

Chair: Kathleen Marquez

The Mission of The Friends of Front Street Green is to re-imagine the park on Front Street between Christian and Washington Streets to create a welcoming gateway into Queen Village.  Front Street Green will be an outdoor space with a covered center walkway. The site will be a “people park”, perfect for free events throughout the Spring and Summer such as: art exhibits, trade shoes, social activities, exercise classes, organic food markets, leisurely walks, and meeting and greeting friends and family.

Friends of Front Street Green and Queen Village Neighbors Association are pleased to announce that our Request for Proposal for a landscape architect is now live! We look forward to working with an individual and/or firm who will be a true partner and leave their unique mark on this community beautification initiative! Apply now! Please contact us at for additional details.

How You Can Get Involved

SupportSupport the Friends of Front Street Green in their efforts to revitalize Front Street green spaces

Our Vision:

  • Create a sustainable green space that will be an inviting southern entrance to Queen Village
  • This green space will not only benefit Parcels 17 & 18 but will also beautify and unite the entire Queen Village Community
  • This green space will serve as one of the “village” greens that run along the South Front Street corridor in Queen Village
  • It will enrich the lives of Queen Village residents and showcase the incredible diversity and historic landscape of Queen Village

Get Involved:

Join the Friends of Front Street Green to learn more and to help make this dream a reality! Regular meetings are held the first Monday of every month at the Shot Tower Recreation Center from 7-8pm.