Friends of Bainbridge Green

Chair: Jonathan Rubin

The Mission of The Friends of Bainbridge Green (FOBG) is to re-imagine the park on Bainbridge between 3rd and 5th Streets to create a welcoming space in Queen Village, and to create a design plan that balances the needs of our stakeholders, including businesses, residents, and visitors.

How You Can Get Involved

SupportSupport the Friends of Bainbridge Green in their efforts to revitalize the green space located between 3rd and 5th on Bainbridge

Vision and Values:

Bainbridge Green is a collaboration between South Street Headhouse District, Queen Village Neighbors Association, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and FOBG.

We have a unique opportunity to add over 20,000 ft.² of park space in Center City, which will have positive social and economic impact to our community. Within a 5 block radius, Bainbridge Green includes 30,000 residents and over 100 businesses.

Bainbridge Green is the thread going through the fabric of our neighborhood,  linking the commercial districts of South Street and historic Fabric Row, to the neighborhoods of Queen Village, Society Hill, Bella Vista, and Wash West.  We believe an improved  Bainbridge Green will enhance the business climate on Fabric Row, South Street, and the entire surrounding area.

Bainbridge Green can be Philadelphia’s next great public space; one that supports local businesses, creates community through shared experience & thoughtful programming, and aims to be socially, economically, environmentally sustainable.