Thinking about advertising in QVNA Magazine next year?

Here are 5 reasons you should!

You advertise in a magazine that’s been honored nationally!
The QVNA Magazine received 2nd Place in the 2017 Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) Newsletter Competition, an award that acknowledges excellence in neighborhood newsletters. Submissions are evaluated on branding, aesthetics & design, technical layout, content/information, and outreach & involvement. The magazine was also honored in 2016.

You can get copies easily!
We recently repurposed three abandoned newspaper boxes to serve as additional collection points for readers of QVNA Magazine.  The boxes are located near Philly AIDS Thrift (5th and Bainbridge), Philadelphia Java Company (2nd and Christian), and on the east side of 4th Street, just north of Washington. At all three locations, recent issues are available as long as supplies last.

You join a thriving publication!
Since we began production in September 2014, the magazine has grown from 16 pages to 32 or 36 pages of content per issue.  Thanks to your support, our publication continues to grow allowing us to build our stable of writers and bring even more wonderful stories to our readers with every issue.

You can choose from a variety of ad sizes!
Since we launched in 2014, we’ve offered full pages, 1/2 pages, 1/3 pages, and business cards.  And now we’re excited to announce that we will be offering a 2/3 Page Vertical option starting in January.  We’re hoping that this format will appeal to advertisers who have artwork on file sized to this format.  Plus, this gives you the option to get a large space at a very good price!

You can buy space for one issue only, or buy all six at once!
We’ve made it super easy to buy ad space.  We now have an online store at Square that accepts all major credit cards.  The store is fully stocked — you can purchase more than one ad space at a time or the the entire year at once if you desire.  We still accept checks too, if that is your preference.

Interested?  For information on our due dates, rates, and policies, download a copy of our 2018 Rate Kit.  Don’t delay.  Our ad spaces usually sell out!

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