Message from Plenty Cafe Regarding Application for Extension of Premises

Dear Queen Village Community:

Plenty Café has been open now for five months and are excited to welcome the Spring and Summer seasons with our friends and neighbors.

As was agreed to in our CLA, we will be applying for Extension of Premises in May that allows us to serve alcoholic beverages outdoors where licensed to operate the Sidewalk Café (from Unit 101 apartment window, to the front door on Monroe Street and from the front door to the apartment main entry on 5th Street). There will be no seating on the 5thstreet side until 4PM Monday through Friday during the school year (as defined by the School District of Philadelphia).

It will likely take between 60-90 days for the application to be processed and approved.  During this time, I am happy to answer your questions about the process at

As some of you may know, I own the building and live upstairs and so remain deeply committed to the neighborhood and to being an exceptional neighbor.

Thank you again for all the support; we simply would not be here without you!


Anthony Mascieri, Owner Plenty Café