Donate Your Recyclebank Points to Meredith

We need your Recyclebank points!
Recyclebank is a way to turn your recycling into rewards. It’s easy to sign up if you don’t have an account already. Click on ‘donate points’ and select Meredith from the list to contribute to our Meredith Green School Yard Initiative! By donating points we can earn up to $2,500. We are already 17% of the way there. Donate your points today and spread the word.
The Green School Yard Initiative will engage our students, educating them and inspiring them to be heroes for our school and the environment. The goals are:
1. Add new trees to the school yard with fencing to protect them
2. Obtain planters and materials to start an edible garden and a pollinator garden
3. Use rain barrels for water collection
Log into your Recyclebank account now and donate ( Continue earning and donating through March 15, 2017.