Package Theft Prevention

During the holiday season, there is often an increased amount of Parcel Thefts. Below are some tips to help prevent your delivered items from being stolen.

  1. Request a tracking number on all shipments. This allows you to see when an item will be delivered so you can plan ahead to pick it up.
  2. Request a Signature Delivery Option. The package cannot be delivered without a signature and will not be left unattended on your front stoop.
  3. Request a drop off time that works with your schedule.
  4. Make a request to hold the package at one of the shipping service’s facilities.
  5. Make a request with the delivery service to leave the package at a side door or back porch to conceal the package from the general public.
  6. Ask your employer if your packages can be delivered to your place of work.
  7. Have packages delivered to the home of a relative or close family friend.
  8. If shopping at a major retailer, use the ship to store feature or an Amazon locker.
  9. Invest in a parcel locker for your home.