Queen Street Tunnel Art Project

QVNA is excited to announce a collaborative project with Fleisher’s faculty, students and community members, to create an immersive wheat pasting installation in the Queen Street Tunnel between Front and Swanson Streets.


Fantastical creatures, fanciful flora and fauna, and whimsical dreamscapes that celebrate the imagination and provide an opportunity for students, select teaching artists, and community members to collectively dream of potential environmental futures.  The installation will consist of large scale drawings and photomontages on paper – made by Adult, Youth and Teenage Lounge Students at Fleisher, as well as pieces made with the community during Artspiration. This community of artists, will be united by a collective question that is meant to prompt them to create the final piece: If we were to imagine, and describe an environment of the future, what would it look like? What creatures would roam the future world? What trees would grow? What skies would hover up above? And what part would we play in caring for this future dreamland?

*ARTspiration is Saturday, June 11th from 10 am to 3 pm on the 700 Block of Catherine St.