Bainbridge Green: Wall comes down; hopes go up

By Jonathan Rubin

As many of you might have seen, the wall at 3rd and Bainbridge was removed a few weeks ago. For years, this wall has served as a hiding place for illegal activity as well as an obstacle that blocked the sight line down the garden path in the center of Bainbridge Street.

The Friends of Bainbridge Green agreed that the wall coming down was a symbolic gesture, helping everyone to rethink the space, to see possibilities where there was once just neglect and decay.

The wall removal is a small step towards a revitalization of all of Bainbridge Green, from 3rd all the way to 5th. We are working in conjunction with South Street Headhouse District and Parks and Recreation in order to create a comprehensive plan that includes not only Bainbridge Green but also Fabric Row and South Street.  We believe Bainbridge Green is the thread that runs through the fabric of our community.

In other news, we received a much-needed influx of cash from the Burkett Plack Foundation! Special thanks to Howard Wellens from the Queen Village Animal Hospital.

Howard is the president of the foundation, and when he heard about our plans, he decided to help us achieve our goals. We will be using the funds to create marketing material as well as to have a traffic study done, which will give us concrete data about the flow of car and pedestrian traffic.